Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Resolutions

1. Be a Better Wife

Often times Mr. Z's biggest complaint is that I'm not affectionate enough (and that I yell too much when we get in arguments - comeon...cut me some slack here :s ). So in 2010 I vow to be a more loving, spontaneous and affectionate wife. And also one with a lower-voice level. ;)

2. Be a More Organized Housekeeper

I like to think that our house is usually somewhat acceptable for unexpected guests (although it seems like we only get those when the house is not presentable). But, I tend to be a 'shover'. Those stack of paid bills waiting to be filed? Shoved under the desk. That bag of tealight candles and those extra frames I never found a place to store? Shoved on the bookshelf behind the couch. Those T-shirts that won't fit into Mr. Z's drawers? Shoved in the closet. The Pantry? Lets not even go there.

These are all easy fixes, and we have already taken steps to eliminate our worst problem areas by purchasing an according filing thing-y (proper term), Mother-in-law bought me a can rack for the pantry as a Christmas gift (hooray!), and Mr. Z has been slowly but surely parting with the clothes he no longer wears and either passing them onto his brother or putting them in bins to go in the basement, and most likely eventually, to Salvation Army. It might be a team effort, but together WE CAN DO IT!

3. Buy Only What I Need
I know I can makedo at least for the next year with the clothes I already have in my closet. Do I need a new shirt for New Years? way Jose. I know I can makedo with the extra picture frames and candle holders I already have. Do I need those clearance candle holders...or will a new coat of spray paint on my existing ones do the trick?....I believe it will. Do I need that Vanilla Iced Coffee while finishing up my errands for the day?...ok yes, that I may need most days. But it's a good start so far!

4. Keep Up With Laundry!
'Nuff said. (is this on your list every year too?)

5. Spend More Time Outside
Once winter wraps up I cannot wait to get outside with Lincoln. Walks, park visits, swimming pools, you name it. This last summer seemed to just slip by unnoticed with everything happening and wedding planning in full force. This coming summer I vow to get out and use every last ray of sunshine to the best of our ability.

Well....I think that wraps up my 'practical' resolutions list. Of course, I also have my unpractical less chocolate, visit Panera less often, get up at 7 am every morning, make a full homemade dinner each night. Howevvvver...this one is just for laughs! all that's ever going to happen!! :D

Have a wonderful, happy and safe new year everyone and I'll see you all next year!

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  1. Hey, I'll take a homemade dinner everyday! :) Happy New Year!