Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wood Burning Stoves and Fireplaces...yes please!!

This time of year always me wish for a fireplace, I would just adore the warm and inviting crackle of the logs. I can just see myself curling up along side it with a cozy knit blanket, hot mug of a homemade Mocha and a good book. I'm always so jealous when I see a glowing fireplace or - even better, a cozy wood burning stove - in someone's home.

A friend from my message boards asked about some photos for decorating her family room, which comes complete with a wood burning stove and large windows, best of both worlds!

I pulled together a few inspiration photos for her. The great thing about wood stoves and fireplaces is they can act as a focal point in a room. Centering the furniture facing them, in a conversation friendly set up can make for the most coziest atmosphere. Of course, if you're like us, the TV is the focal point in your living room. In which case, why not consider placing your TV in an armoire, or nesteled on shelves in a bookcase. It's out of the way enough that you can enjoy your fireplace or wood stove as the rooms decorative focal element, but its also very much usable and accessible when Survivor is on. :) We are still working on hiding out TV away, but we also don't have the luxery of a fireplace or wood stove to take its place. Although some days I might consider trading in the TV and the Husband in for one! :D

Another wonderful thing about wood burning stoves is that they lend themselves beautifully to cottage, country, farmhouse, or rustic decor, and they also blend flawlessly with more modern elements.

For a more traditional look, check out these beautiful rooms:

Check out those views, breathtaking! Nestled in the corner, this wood stove is a prominent feature in the room, but doesn't steal the show from the amazing windows. This idea could be implemented for a TV as well.
I love the garden vibe of this room's decor. The wood stove is nestled into a large fireplace mantel and surround, making it a great option for the focal of this room.
Do you want to bet their's a TV hidden away in that cabinet? As it is right now, the focus of this room is on that cozy wood burning stove. But come TV time, its right there when you need it.
Love this inspiration board, the herb planters at the bottom left are to die for! A beautiful mix of contemporary farmhouse style.
One of my favorite elements a wood burning stove or fireplace adds, is the rustic touch of wood. Baskets filled with cut wood on the floor next to the stove and scattered throughout the room, and you don't even need to grab a coat to grab more wood! Of course, its not always practical to have that much wood stowed away in your family room, but the baskets do the trick perfectly. Consider wicker or woven baskets, large galvanized tubs or broilers or old wooden crates (all of these are readily available at antique and thrift stores for a few dollars!).

Or if you prefer modern, the clean lines and open spaces of these rooms compliment the wood burning stoves' timeless lines.

This antique wood stove blends beautifully with the clean modern lines of this house.

For an eclectic taste, mix different textures, shapes and lines throughout your room.

With a touch of country and a touch of modern, this hanging wood burning stove adds the wow factor to this closed in porch.
Well there is a start for you Alonda! I hope it gives you some ideas, but I would also love to keep looking for ideas, just let me know which style you tend to lean towards. And I'll be stopping over later with a thermos of hot chocolate and some Baileys, have the cookies ready! :D
Merry Christmas -- Melissa

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  1. Melissa,
    Thanks so much the inspirational pics are awesome and have really given me some great ideas. My favorites are the one with all the wood stacked up in the wall, I just love the baskets full of wood and the rustic feel that it gives to the room not so much a fan of the white though, the third one with the copper accents using the pots etc, and the first one with the large windows. The style of the room is sort of a rustic comfy feel, what I have to work with so far is a large comfy chair/chaise lounge for snuggling up with a good book and large picture windows that I am opposed to putting curtains on because I love the view. I would like to throw in some copper accents like the photo above, but I don't really like the pots and pans. Thanks for all the help so far I am keeping my eye out for some antique steals at my local flea market and I'll let you know what else I come up with. Meanwhile keep the ideas coming! Thanks again!
    BTW- I joined blogspot just so I could follow yours and Kristina's blogs.. hehe