Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Deal of the Day

Ever since we 'bought' (or rather, had my brother-in-law pick up a free) beige leather recliner, I have been itching to coordinate our couch using a light colored slipcover. Right now our couch is a worn-out-chocolate-brown-leather that we got for free on the side of the road, super-comfy though! Great for hiding stains, but it clashes with the other black peices we have in the house. However, the idea of spending $100 on a slipcover wasn't winning me over, we could easily find another couch on craigslist for less. (Mr. Z has vowed never to pay full price for furniture when "you can always find it for free or cheap").

So boy was I happy when I was searching the Kohl's website this morning, giftcards in hand, and came across this SureFit slipcover, on sale for an unbelievable $44.99, down from the regular price of $89.99. I always search for coupon codes when shopping online since they are almost always available, wether it be free shipping, a percent off, or a mail in rebate, they all save you money!

I was able to use code Extra20 to save 20%, and even though shipping is currently only $.99 for anything on the site, I was able to use another code so I plugged in code NoCharge to make the shipping -f-r-e-e! How I love that!

So this slipcover, originally priced at $89.99, only cost me $38.15 after the sale price and discounts. I'll tell you right now you won't beat that price anywhere! I'll update with pics as soon as it arrives!

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