Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beautiful Bath

I'm not gonna lie, our bathroom is bad news. By far the worst room in the house. Why?...Because there isn't much I can do to it on a limited budget. The changes that would make the biggest difference are also the big ticket items. When we moved in, the bathroom was just peachy - and not in a good way. Peach sink, toilet and tub, peach linoleum floor, peach walls and ceiling, and dark brown pressboard wood looking vanity and trim work.

We went to work doing what we could for the time being. Painted the walls a creamy and lively lilac (I've always wanted a purple room, and the bathroom fit the bill for some creative freedom in our house), painted the woodwork a cottage white, added a long white shower curtain, installed some glass shelves above the toilet, installed a new faucet and handles, and hung some artwork. For now it looks better than it did but it still has a long way to go before it's great.

On our short term to do list:

-Cover tiles with beadboard (because some great handy-men in my life decided to tear out the tile around the tub when installing the shower surround and got a little carried away. I didn't notice the missing tiles until after they hand thrown away all the extra tile).

-Install a new toilet

-Cover the existing linoleum floor with a peel-and-stick option (I'm still debating between a faux wood floor option or a white tile option).

-Trim out the existing large mirror with a trim-frame.

Long term to do list:

Gut the whole thing and start from scratch.

Inspiration for the long term plan you ask? How about this beauty for a little motivation:


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  1. I LOVE THAT LILAC BATHROOM!!! Ohhhh I feel your pain about the bathroom. I HATE our master bath. It's funny because I picked out a lovely lilac color to paint it as well! Just haven't gotten to it yet....We did paint our guest bath red. Still finishing that project... :) We are also going to paint the wood works an off white or as you said, cottage white which will really brighten up the room. Glass shelves sound awesome! Yes yes gutting it would just be amazing....stupid money. :)