Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cabinet Hardware

I'd love to paint our cabinets a nice creamy white, however, our cabinets are in great condition, and I shudder at the thought of the amount of work and time involved. So, in order to jazz them up from their plain oak-ness, I decided some hardware might help. Right now, they have never had any hardware installed, so they are free of holes and an empty canvas, oh the options!!

I don't, however, want to go broke in the process. I've been looking in store a couple places, but the ones I have been eyeing are upwards of $3 each, or more! Take that times 35 cabinets and drawers, and I've broke my bank.

So I was THRILLED to find that these Antique Brass Cup Pulls at lowes.com are advertised at a new lower price of $1.57 each (down from $1.97), but then when I entered in my local Lowes zip code, the price dropped even lower....to $.97 each! Holy cow that's a steal!

I ordered enough to add them to all our kitchen drawers (13), and had them shipped for free to my local Lowes for pickup. I still need to find some for the cabinets, but for now the drawers will shine with their new accessories, just in time for the Holidays!

Here's some inspirational photos of cup pulls in some beautiful kitchens...don't you just love them??

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