Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chalkboard Paint DIYs

A few weeks ago I purchased some old windows from our antique mall. I just love the many uses of old windows, and decided to put mine to good use in two different ways.

For the first, I added a fresh coat of cream paint, and then distressed it back down to its original white in a few places. After a good Windexing, I applied a vinyl letter Z, in honor of our last name. I just loved how it turned out, and I smile everytime I walk through the front door and see her. :D

The second window was similar, just a little larger and square in shape instead of rectangular. For this one, I also gave it a coat of cream paint, but I added a coat of brown paint first, so that the distressing would expose some darker colors, since it's going up against a cream dining room wall. After another good windexing, I applied a few coats of Chalkboard paint. If you haven't seen this is awesome! Its available online or home improvement store. I bought mine at Wal-Mart.

I also added a decorative metal peice I picked up at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars. It already had a handle at the bottom, so I just super glued that puppy right over it, and gave it a custom detail.

The trick to getting your chalkboard paint conditioned to be written on it simple, just rub the side of a peice of chalk all over, then wipe it off with a clean eraser, or towel in my case. Then Viola! A beautiful handmade chalkboard ready for your wit and wisdom. really good tip when using chalkboard paint (or...well...any paint for that matter): When you put the can back into the hall closet, make sure you have the lid on really really tight.

Because if you don't...and it falls out when you're may end up with this:

But...when life gives you chalkboard paint all over your carpet, what do you do?? Make chalkboard gift tags...that's what. Oh and cover the stain up with a rug and prayer to dear God that your Hubby plans on getting new carpet for Christmas. ;)

All you need is:
-Burlap (a remnant would be great for this project!)
-Poster Board
-Chalkboard Paint
-Paint Brush
I bought my poster board from Wal-Mart, along with my paint (I got black poster board so I wouldn't have to worry about painting the sides or getting even coverage). The burlap and chalk came from Hobby Lobby, as did the super glue I used, although a hot glue gun would work just as well too.
Cut your poster board into small squares and/or rectangles. Paint them with one coat of chalkboard paint and allow to dry completely. Cut peices of burlap a little larger than your poster board, fray the edges a little if you want, although the burlap will fray itself over time if you don't want to do it yourself. After your paint it dry, cut your ribbon to desired length and add glue to the backside of the chalkboards. Press burlap and chalkboards together with the ribbon inbetween acting as a hanger. Allow glue to dry completely. To finish, simply rub the chalkboards with chalk, wipe off with a dry towel, and add your names.

These make wonderful gifts because they are 100% reusable! Package a few together and give them as blank labels with a few sticks of chalk. Great for labeling pantries, baskets they even make cute ornaments! The possibilities are endless. I have a bunch left over, and I'm excited to use them throughout our house!

Merry Christmas Eve (almost!)

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  1. I LOVE the old windows/chalkboard paint idea!!!! SO cute!!! And yes...note to self....close the lip all the way...dang dude....:)