Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's a girl to do?

I have this little breakfast table in our kitchen. I love her, but she is a little plain. Right now she is a light oak color, and just begging for a coat of paint to give her new life.

I'm really torn between going bold and daring, and making her red, or staying in touch with my white appliances and giving her a nice safe and soft coat of white. Or...to make things really complicated, I could make her chairs red, and the table white, or paint just the legs of the table and leave the top natural. Le sigh. I can't decide.

See the bottom left photo, that's a white table with red chairs...best of both worlds, or just too busy?
Here is the option of painting the legs and chairs, and leaving the top natural, in true farmhoue fashion.
Or here is the bold and daring all red table. Keep in mind this table would be opposite the all red wall in our dining room.

Or, nice and neutral, white table legs and chairs with a natural top.

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  1. Hey girlie! I wish I could make you year but Im not the one picking the winner this time. They are over at the Houzz but Im wishing you lots of luck my friend! Merry Christmas~