Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A little gem

Recently I've been debating about putting a coffee table in our living room or not. As we have it set up right now, it would really take away from Lincoln's play area, but once we get the new TV stand in, it should open up some more floor space, not to mention Lincoln has a whole room to play in, but don't tell him that!

I had found a large square coffee table at an antique mall a few weeks ago, and I drooled over it for a while. Beautiful shaped legs, rustic white with amazing natural distressing, exactly what I would envision my dream coffee table to be. However, it was much too large to put on our living room, and upwards of $50, so there was no justifying a purchase.

I happily browse craigslist a few times a day, my brother-in-law is a craigslist God, swooping up free furniture and items here and there, stellar deals and fixer-uppers which he later sells for a profit, he's got this craigslist stuff figured out. So I'm lucky that should I ever need a hand in the city he lives, which is about an hour from us, he is there with his truck and willing to lend a hand, and a tow, if I should ever need.

Last night while browsing I came across a post titled 'antique table', I opened it expecting to find some old oak dining table from the 50's or 60's (people around here seem to think these things are 'antiques'). I was beyond thrilled when I found pictures in the post of this:

I love it. Love it love it love it. It might need a few minor touch ups, but it's exactly what I would have if I could have a choice of any coffee table out there. (Ok, well maybe not any table, but to be practical, that's what I'm going with). I was slightly worried about size, I ideally would like something more narrow. I debated all day about going to look at it or not. We need more seating in our living room, so I looked for ottomans that could double as a table with no luck, at least not in the price range I am looking to spend, or comparable to the asking price of this table.
I still wasn't convinced purchasing it was a wise idea though. Something about the drop sides made it seem large and looming, although being that they are hinged, I could easily remove them. Although it I didn't, I could also store some large pillows below, so people could sit on those when they came over, or played used the table for eating, drinking, playing games, etc. Pros and cons, pros and cons. I debated all day.
But then, just like fate, after having a terrible night, I came across this photo in a blog.
My chin nearly hit the floor. There was my table! And looking magnificent if I might add. I was immediately sold. It's so simple and understated in the room, yet so functional and elegant at the same time. I couldn't have found this photo at a better time. So what do you think, is it a keeper? I'm going to look at it this weekend.

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  1. I think it's a super keeper!!! LOVE it! Where do you find these awesome pictures?? What website are they from??? I say get the table!