Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Snow, Go Away!

It's snowing! Boo!! Today was supposed to be our 'girls day'. Starting off with lunch at Olive Garden with my two sisters and my mom, followed by trying on wedding/bridesmaid dresses for my sister's June wedding. Then finishing up our Christmas shopping at the mall. But with 3 inches expected to fall in the next few hours, a 45 minute drive on the interstate doesn't sound as appetizing as the Olive Garden breadsticks and salads I have been dreaming of. Le sigh. So, here I sit watching the snow fall and Dora the Explorer on TV. It's a good day to do some cleaning and organizing, but I think I'll also be making a trip to the antique store during naptime, or else I might go stir crazy today! Until then, here are some photos I love, perfect for snowy days like today! {What I wouldn't give for that fireplace!}

Even if you don't have a fireplace, soft and warm blankets readily available with cozy up any room, perfect for snuggling under!

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