Sunday, December 6, 2009

DIYs for the week

I am excited to try a few DIY projects I found this weekend, I'm in the mood to be crafty and motivated by the cost of these items if I were to go out and buy something similar...yikies!

First, are these beautiful No-Sew(!) Vintage Stockings I found on Susie Harris' blog. I have been searching for new stockings this year, either cable knit or burlap ones. I can't believe how hard it is to find either one of these, not to mention crazy expensive when I do stumble across some. The stockings Susie shared are not only easy to make, but uber cheap by using drop cloth that can be purchased at home improvement stores on the cheap.

How adorable are these??

My second project are these fun word banners I see popping up so often anymore. I love the simplicity and rusticness of this one in particular, which is sold by Frenchie and Flea on Etsy. Not a bad deal for this at $17.50, but I'm going to make my own for 3 reasons:

1. She doesn't offer a "Noel" sign, although she does offer a custom order option.

2. I'm pretty darn sure I can make it for less.

3. Everything is better when you made it yourself!

I'm hoping I can find a burlap remnant, but if not a yard of burlap will go far for only a few dollars. The only other things I need to purchase are a small paintbrush and clothespins, since I have the paint and twine already.

I'll be sure to share photos when I finish. I also have some thrift store to DIY finds to share, but those will have to wait until later this week!

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  1. No sew???? Those look so unique! Love the word banner!