Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...!

Now that thanksgiving has wrapped up and we are all still stuffed (or maybe that's just all the leftovers I have been eating), it's time to start decorating for the holidays.

This afternoon I'm setting up my tree. The past years, I have always done it the same way. Gold sparkly garland; gold, silver and red ornaments; and gold glittery snowflakes. Although I've loved my setup, this year I decided I want something new.

Keeping with my new vision of cottage-shabby-chic, I came across these images online and I'm inspired. This first one is my absolute favorite, I love all the silver, and the simplicity of it, and who could not love the tree skirt! It adds a great unexpected sophistication and wonderful texture.
I have some extra fabric sitting around from my project of recovering the dining room chairs, and I just may have to use it some of it for bows on our tree.

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