Thursday, January 7, 2010

1 Bedroom 5 Ways

I love to read Real Simple magazine...don't you? It has a little bit of everything, with out all the fussiness.

Tonight I read the article on Reimagining Your Bedroom. It shows how simple it is to create a whole new look for your bedroom with a gallon of paint and new accessories. No need for a whole new bedroom set, these 5 designs all use the same bed and dresser! To see the full article click here, or better yet, pick up the latest of issue of Real Simple and enjoy a simple night snuggled up in your PJs. You know you want to.

Two of my favorites - Cozy Country Getaway and Seaside Sleep Nook

Two modern takes - Exotic Escape and Tailored Chamber

Another peaceful option - Serene Retreat

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  1. Oooohhhh I love the Serene retreat! Our bedding is sort of that color...maybe more silverish...but we have lavender sheets and pillow cases. I like how they have mismatch/printed pillow cases! Maybe i will add that??? :) LOVE getting ideas from your page lady! I moved my office into the family room last night...I need you to come "glam it up" a bit.... :)