Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Head Above the Rest

One element I'm certain I'm adding to our bedroom is a headboard. Headboards add a focal point from the moment you walk into the room, and can complete an entire bedroom design. Because of my budget, my headboard is going to need to be cheap. I'm drawn to the simple country feel of a wraught iron bed, and found this one from Wal-Mart Marketplace to be a cheap and chic option (although it would need a good solid coat of spray paint to cover the gold):

When I jumped onto Better Homes and Garden's website today I immediately vistited their section titled "Cheap and Chic Headboard Projects". This first one amazingly beautiful, and would be a good contender if I happened to have a bench cushion hanging around. I don't, and looking for one online doesn't prove to be very cheap. None the less, I love the look. What a fun take on an upholstered headboard!

This one uses a plain canvas from a craft store (although you could also use plywood if you can hang it securely). Covered in your choice of fabric, it's a super simple, custom option. Plus it's easy to change the look of it as often as you want.

As a lover of all things salvaged and chippy, these following ideas capture my heart.

Using a salvaged mantel or fireplace surround in a new and unexpected way makes these headboards one of a kind.

Another great option is using a salvaged door. Don't have a salvaged door? No problem, this one uses
a new, unfinished door from a home improvement store.

This last one is my all time favorite.

Le sigh. Need I say more?


  1. Thanks for this post. This just doubled the ideas I have in my head for after we move! The shutters and fireplace are my favorites!