Sunday, January 10, 2010

And the winner is...

I've made a decision on bedroom lighting, and it's none of the three I posted previously (I'm not indecisive I?) My darling and wonderful Aunt and Uncle sent us some late Christmas presents which we got yesterday. Lincoln got two new books, and we got a Sears/Kmart giftcard! My first stop this morning was Kmart, in hopes of finding the perfect lamp, and because even if it ended up being out of budget, I had my GC to absorb the extra cost. Well to my pleasant surprise, they actually had some great options (I hardly ever shop at Kmart, I just never think about it).

I really liked the shape of this one, but I had my heart set on a silver-toned lamp, and this one is brass. (Essential Home Antique Brass Accent Lamp $16.99 -

A good contender, but a little too modern, if the chrome-like color had been toned down a bit this would have been a great option.
(Essential Home Polished Aluminum Accent Lamp $16.99 -

This photo wasn't taken off the kmart site, I couldn't find the same one online, so I stole this similar one from another site. I have always been drawn to these glass ball lamps, I think in the right room they can lend themselves to either a modern feel or a more traditional feel. In my case, alot of the room is already more modern than I normally go, so I passed on this one.

And so...the winner is....

This one! Simple, compact and oh-so-pretty! This photo makes the color look quite dark, but in real life its a beatiful matte pewter.
(Essential Home Spun Stick Antique Pewter Lamp $12.99 -

Sadly, there was only one in stock at the store, so I left without purcasing them. I checked online and was pleased to see that they are running home decor at 20% off. That saved me over $5, which cancelled out the shipping costs, I love that! These babies should be to me within the week, and I can't wait! Now I just need to decide on a shade....decisions decisions!

Have a great new week everyone!

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