Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Houndstooth Rug

Edited to add: After some googling I found this rug on another website and aditional information on it. I decided that due to the thickness of the rug, it would not make a good rug for under a table. However, it would be cute in other rooms, just not other rooms in my house...maybe in yours? :)

I love to use bright bold colors throughout the house, and I'm not afraid to mix brown and black with wood tones, in fact I tend to gravitate towards that effortless country farmhouse look.

The one thing I'm not good at....incorporating patterns into decorating. I wouldn't say I'm afraid of it, I'm just more cautious, because I'm worried about it making our small house too "busy".

I'm dying to share some photos of our new dining room chairs, but I'm waiting until the room is complete. The last major element the room needs is an anchor, a large rug to go beneath the table to ground the entire space. Problem with that is area rugs can be priiiiicy.

I like to check Target.com for clearance rugs (they tend to have a decent online clearance section, and its one of my daily stops). Today I was delighted to discover this rug on clearance:

Originally priced at $139.99, the clearance price was an astounding...wait for it... $34.98! That's a savings of $105.01 buckaroonies. At 4x6, this rug is a little small to be considered a dining room rug, but we have a small dining room, and anything larger would awkwardly sit under the other furniture pieces in the room and undoubtedly make them wobbly. The dining room chairs will sit half on and half off the rug when in use, but what do I say to that?...Make due with what you have and be happy you have it. Someday we will be able to upgrade, but not today.

I'm digging the houndstooth pattern, and I think it will be a great way to introduce pattern into our living space. The rust color will hopefully meet somewhere in the middle of our barn red wall and deep brown accessories.

Here is to hoping it works in the space as well as I think it will, and as well as it works in these spaces:

P.S. I've decided that I can't have everything I want, and I'm going to have to decided between the Kohls slipcover I ordered and this rug. One will go back because I can't justify buying both in one month. I won't be too sad with whichever one I decide to return because although they were both great deals, they are not have-to-haves. We plan to be in this house for a while, so I'll take it one thing at a time. :D

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  1. That rug is super cute!!! I wish I could find one in black and white to put in our family room (we have a red suede couch, red suede oversized chair, and black coffee/end tables. That would look awesome. I always look at rugs on overstock for that room but they are still so pricey! Good find! I never even thought about that kind of pattern...thanks!