Friday, January 8, 2010

Bedroom Inspiration

As a lover as all things thrifty and cheap, our bedroom is full of my mis-matched deals and steals. The comforter came from Walmart, marked down to $10 on clearance one day. The end tables are actually black TV trays I bought from Target for cheap, the rest of the furniture Mr. Z already had from his bachelor days. Lamps were Hobbly Lobby clearance purchases at $10 each.

The bedspread is a beautiful black and camel damask print, which matched the two tone tan walls perfectly. When we moved in my mother-in-law helped with all the painting (since I was about 8 months pregnant and she wouldn't let me reach up high, let alone stand on a ladder), she gave me some paint she decided not to use and I went with it. We did a two-tone technique of adding a lighter colored stripe running vertically across the entire room, something we saw on HGTV, that's supposed to make a small room appear larger.

Although I love the room right now, it's a little too modern and clean lined for my taste. I was looking for inspiration when I stumbled upon these photos in my blog. Would you believe this beautiful room features my TEN DOLLAR bedspread!!

Although still a little too fancy for me, I love the pale blues working with it.

My plan of attack the update our bedroom:

1. Blue Paint - keep the two-tone effect by adding two different shades of pale blue
2. Add more white to the bedding - extra white pillows, white and blue throw blanket for foot
3. Add a black iron headboard
4. Search for new accessories

Budget: $100 - Wish me luck! I'll be sure to post before and after pictures, but I'm excited to dive in and get started.


  1. Good luck I'm sure it will look wonderful when you are done. I am still working on our room w/ the wood burner its coming along quite well I think. We painted it a nice sage green, got a wood rack that looks amazing, and I am now looking for copper accent pieces to put the finishing touches. I love the recent posts about bedrooms. I am going to start working on my home office next, I have a photo business started on the side and I am now in need of some real office space for editing and laying out photos etc. plus I am a student so its time for a real grown up-like office. I love the horizontal striped rooms that I have been seeing pop up lately, what do you think? I am going with a color scheme of teal and chocolate do you think that would be too bold for stripes? As always thanks for the great ideas.

  2. Alonda, the sage green sounds like it would go beautifully in a room with a wood stove. I love the idea of the copper accents, and wood rack sounds wonderful.

    I am all about stripes, I think it adds so much interest to a room, especially rooms that lack an architecural detail. Teal and chocolate sounds like a beautiful color scheme, if you're worried about stripes being too bold in those colors, you could try two shades of brown or teal. For our bedroom we used a horizontal stripe (only one) in a lighter shade, in theory it visually enhances a small room to the eye. My best tip for painting a room with stripes is to make sure you used large stripes, too small or close together makes it look too busy, especially if the space is smaller or doesn't have a lot of natural light. Thanks for sharing your progress and ideas, best of luck with the office!