Monday, November 23, 2009

I wanted to share quickly why I wanted two curtian panels on each side of the window. After dark I keep the center blinds closed and the panels on each side cover the side windows. Since this large window opens right up to the street and all our time is spent either in the dining room or living room in the evening, privacy and ability to close out the windows in a must. However, during the day I use the large window as a main source of light, and dark drapes really closed the room in by swalling the light before it even came through the windows.
By having 2 panels on each side, I can open them during the day while still covering most of the unpleasant window frame that desperately needs redoing. Plus, I like the light and airy, billowing effect it adds to the room. It really softens the big window without blocking out any light.
And then again at night, we just draw the two sets of drapes together, lower the shade, and instant privacy!
The entertainment center will soon be moving, which will open up the right side some more, which is a good thing.

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