Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So now that I've come to terms with my dining chair boo-boo, its time to think of solutions. I have three:

1. Keep the upholstery and paint them a dark chocolate brown, cheapest option, $9 at most for a can of paint. But, I know they still won't look great, this would just be a temporary solution.

2. Add slipcovers, and hope that they fit nicely. Since the chairs are rounded, they could either look horrible, or lay decently. Cost-wise these land almost exactly in the middle of option 1 and option 3.

3. Buy new chairs. I really like these from Wal-Mart, and for only $25 each, its by far the cheapest I have found. These would look amazing with my dining room table, but it is an expense I'm not sure I want to have right now.

So, I'm torn. Do I try the paint first, then if I hate that, try the slipcovers? If I hate the slipcovers do I return them and bite the bullet and order the chairs? What would you do?

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