Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Recently I have discovered a new love of cottage decorating. It's not necessarily the stuffy-frilly-grandma-looking parts that I like, but more of the casual, light and airy, fun and full aspect that I love. Just switching the curtains in our living room have inspired me to focus on more of a cottage feel for our living room. The blog The Old Painted Cottage had been my most recent inspiration. Her house is full of beautiful shabby painted furniture, thrift store finds, and layers and layers of detail. Images on the blog are copyrighted, but here is a link to my two favorite rooms, the living room, and the kitchen/dining room. Beeeeeautiful!

Here are some more rooms to inspire you:

This first one is my favorite, I love the shades of white and cream with brown accents. Very doable with the furniture we have.

A more practical 'cottage' since all white is hard to pull off, especially with children.

Here are some other photos to get you inspired:

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