Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Big-Boy-Room

This is Lincoln. Today he wants to show you his room.

One of his favorite things in his room (and mommy's too) is his vintage school desk.

It didn't always look so nice, in fact Mommy spent quite a while on this desk. Once upon a time, it looked something like this:

I purchased the desk for $3 at a garage sale.

The vintage children's dictionary which sits on top was a gift from Aunt Tawnya.

This vintage baseball glove is just for show. I love the patina of the glove, beautifully worn and dirty. Exactly what a well-loved baseball glove should be like.


This baseball holds a funny story for all of us. I allowed Mr. Z to go and "check in" with his just-for-fun-baseball team the afternoon after we had Lincoln (I gave birth at 2:16 am after being in labor for almost 18 hours, so all I wanted was rest). Well as it turns, they were short players and Mr. Z stayed to play. He sheepishly returned to my hospital room a short time later. I wasn't that upset, I had visitors non-stop and little Lincoln was constantly being held my someone other than us, after all, we had out whole lives to spend with him. Mr. Z and his dad proudly handed over this baseball to me, explaining that for the first time ever, Mr. Z had hit a 3-run home run, and thought it fitting to give the ball to Lincoln - his Birthday Home Run Ball. They even wrote all of Lincoln's stats on one side, along with "3-Run Homer" on the other side. Most woman tell me they would be enraged if their husbands did that. I just laugh, baseball will always be a part of Lincoln's life, might as well start the day of his birth!

Lincoln loves his big-boy-bed. He recently graduated to a toddler bed, and loves getting up on his own in the morning, greeting us with a cheery "hello" as he leaves his room. I purchased his bedding from Target, I wanted something that could go with different themes in his room. Sports, Automobiles, Trains, you name it - he loves them all.

Next to his bed is a thrift-store find. It works perfectly for a nightstand, and inspired the primary color palette throughout the room.

At the end of his bed, you'll find his perfect little reading chair. He loves to sit here and read his books, or just take a little break from playing.


The rug was a favorite find from Ikea. At only $15 it's such a great addition to the room. Lincoln loves driving his trains along the roadways.

This rocking horse was a gift from a very special man and family friend who recently passed away. We miss him dearly but think of him often, especially when we see our special rocking horse.

A few DIY projects Mommy managed for the room include the curtains, and this matching covered ottoman for his balls, bats and gloves.

This wall art grouping was made by recovering Animal artwork from Lincoln's nursery with scrapbook paper, and painting the frames.

Thanks for visiting my room today, hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Love what you've done with Lincoln's room Melissa.

  2. You did such a great job, Melissa..! Love the vintage school desk an we actually also have that Ikea rug - it's been used for years now and provided countless hours of entertainment. In my book, priceless.


  3. Hello
    You really did a wonderful job on little Lincolns room, love the color pallet and the desk is great

  4. Lincoln has the coolest room, and the coolest name! Love the vinatge desk and the picture frames hung with ribbon. Do Mr. Bear and Mr. Monkey have names? :)

  5. The stripes look great! And we have the same Ikea rug!!! Crazy!