Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cherish "Every Day"...

What a perfect Saturday it's been! I worked this morning, so I was feeling productive and useful (somedays I feel very far from that), after work I made a relaxing trip to JB Knacker in Gilbert, have you been here? It's fabulous, and in fact my brother-in-laws wife (does that make her my sister-in-law...? I'm not sure how that goes) works here, so I spent a little while chatting with her while browsing for some fun finds. After my shopping trip I headed out with our good friends Nick and Jess who are newly engaged to visit a wedding reception site that was absolutely amazing and breath taking, a winner for sure!

Here are my favorite finds from JB Knacker today. Loved this old rusty lunch box as soon as I layed eyes on it. (Please excuse these horrible looking photos. I had to use our old camera and forgot how to use the proper settings, plus I took these photos without any natural you get the idea.)

Another quick grab was this adorable burlap sack which was filled to the rim with birdseed. I love the little canvas pocket sewn to the front, which has a barely legible printing of "birdseed" on it. We decided to put the birdseed in the feeder out front, and stuff the sack with grocery bags to give it some fullness back. I'm happy and I think the birds will be as well. :)

Peeking out in the bottom left corner is a little sneak peak at my last find. The store has a whole box full of vintage flashcards. As soon as I found this one, printed with "every day", I knew it was speaking to me. Simple enough on it's own, but I like to look at it as a challenge - a reminder - a blessing.
Every day be the best person you can be. Every day love with your whole heart. Every day cherish what you have. Every day feel blessed.

And one last thing to reciept. All this for, that's right! $11.00 Love.

If I have time tomorrow I'll share my quick and easy Easter centerpiece with you all. If not, have a blessed and wonderful Easter! He is risen!


  1. Love JB Knacker! AND the flashcards. :) Where was the reception place?

  2. Oh totally forgot to mention that Katie! It was at Prairie Moon Winery north of Ames. Gorgeous! I almost want a wedding redo after seeing it. ;) Lol!